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I don’t think we understand the problem

Let me break it down…

According to Stats SA , Youth Dynamics report, the working age youth population in South Africa is about 19.5 million. From which 6 million is employed and 3,4 million(36,1%) is unemployed .Further to this,10,1 million is economical inactive(due to studying and discourage work seekers).Unemployment has grown by 10% since 2008.

52,7% of working age population had either matric or higher qualification. This means that the reminder (47,3%) didn’t complete matric.

39,4 % of the unemployed are (black African) people; 35,4 % (coloured), 15,7(Indians) and 9,6(White).Black African unemployment was 23,7% higher than the Indian unemployment population ? followed by 29,8 % of white unemployment population.

90,4% of the youths’ economical population are employee. This means that, we are the working ant population…

Furthermore, if we distil these findings we go deeper we find that:

9/10 young people, aged 15-34 yrs who lived in households with no one employed, were black African. From this population, 58,9 % didn’t complete secondary and 65% are economically inactive.

14,3 million (73, 4 %) live in households with only one person employed and 5,2 million(26,6%) no one employed within the household.

We haven’t even taken into consideration the ripple effect and anomalies that took place last year and early this year. These include the devastating impacts that strikes, load shedding, oil price etc have on the economy.

Bearing this in mind how will it be possible for the black African population to break free from poverty? It would take divine intervention for us to be on par with our white counterparts as the odds of succeeding at this present time are stacked against.

And yet given this situation, we still encourage our kids to go to school so that they can go and find jobs, we make this job idea as if it’s thee promise land.

Our kids become so fixated in this idle that after 20 rejections from interviewers they still come begging for more and never do we consider any other option like, maybe starting a business.

I partly blame our parents as this has been a bed time story that has been told to us for years and years.

I also blame apartheid as our parents had limited options and limited knowledge.

Guys I am not saying that entrepreneurship could be the silver bullet, however, what I know for sure is that: if all of us are looking for work it’s certainly not going to aid the cause and guys I am not saying that everyone must now boycott the corporate world and start a business, I am not advocating that as entrepreneurship route is not for the faint-hearted. What I am saying is that they are some of us who sit in these institutions who have great entrepreneurial potential but are too afraid to move away from our comfort zone.

They are some of us whose core dna is entrepreneurship, however we adopted the herd mentality, we choose to follow rather than to lead, we chose the easy way out and every day we are haunted by this decision.

For some of us we were called but never answered, we refused to follow our dreams as we were afraid of where it may take us.

There’s an imbalance in the system and we need to fix it. If not for us but for our next generation.

Our parents can plead ignorance what will you plead. When will it stop?

This fight can either be lost or won by this generation.

Stats powered by Stats SA and endorsed by other fellow entrepreneurs.