About Us


CREAM’s mission is to change the world, change societies mind sets about entrepreneurship, to create an enabling environment that will support (both financially and non-financially) existing business, as well as facilitate business ideas…from the concept stage right up until implementation.

The Cool Element

We want to make entrepreneurship cool, creative and funky. We want to be the voice for aspiring entrepreneurs…we want to start a “REVOLUTION”
Yes, sure we didn’t come up with the word “entrepreneurship” but we will “BRAND” it, give it a face and a name “CREAM”

In Essence

We want to bring the “sexy” back in entrepreneurship!


Whole New Framework

With the help of good friends and other like minded entrepreneurs, our community changed the way that the worlds see’s business.

Endless Possibilities

From a small seed of a great idea, shift your mind set and cultivate your passion to change the world with us.

Connect & Get Support

Great ideas are meant to be shared, connect with us on how we can bring your’s to LIFE.