Be- Grand Holdings

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Project Description

Begrand Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a commercial and residential property company with a focus on the inner city as well as the southern region of Johannesburg. We buy, sell and manage properties. Begrand strives to employ industry best practice in its systems, management and staff recruitment. We believe in the power of association and have thus enlisted the services of the best attorneys, auditors and consultants that enable us to make sound business decisions.

Our passion is fuelled by our hunger to learn from our communities and adding value to our municipalities. A few years back our CEO acquired a couple of units in Berea (Honey Crest Building), to his dissatisfactions and discontentment of how the building was managed he undertook to take over the administrative duties of the body corporate for which he discharged and currently does so for free.  Together with the wisdom of both the youth and the elderly residents have managed to put some sound measures in place that is now enabling the building to pay back what it owes the City of Joburg and at the same time restoring the beauty of the building. The above said is just another way of adding fresh air (value) to our beloved communities by Begrand Holdings.

Our business

Begrand Holdings transforms buildings and injects fresh vitality into our communities. We create a comprehensive package for our clients in terms of ancillary services such as security, cleaning and landscaping. This expansion allows us to provide sustainable jobs, and aids in poverty alleviation. We provide value added services through innovative solutions. We also offer our clients a period of 6 months to evaluate our performance, should the client not be satisfied they will be free to terminate their agreement with us no questions asked.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the best property group in SA which is one hundred percent black owned and also to provide shelter, education (entrepreneurial skills) to homeless children. We believe that no life is worth wasted and that future of our communities lies in the hands of every child that dwells in it.