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Varsity TV is a campus based and student focused TV channel currently operating at the University Of Johannesburg (UJ). The TV channel is available in the student centres across the University’s four campuses namely; Auckland Park Kingsway (APK), Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB), Doorenfontein Campus (DFC) and Soweto Campus (SWC). The Varsity TV network is carried over six 50” plasma screens and online via Youtube.

Varsity TV’s main purpose is to revive campus culture and to unearth youth talent. In the spirit of reviving campus culture Varsity TV offers the students with the opportunity to create their own content and share it with their peers by broadcasting the content on the network hence making it a Community Content Creation (CCC) platform. In so doing, there is more interaction and involvement from the students’ side with the network thereby increasing the viewership of the channel.

It is also Varsity TV’s focus to promote youth start up business by giving the youth i.e students the platform to promote their businesses as way of cultivating and supporting youth entrepreneurship. Every week Varsity TV profiles student entrepreneurs in a 5 minute interview where the entrepreneurs are asked intriguing questions about their ventures. Varsity TV does this in collaboration with UJ FM 95.4, UJ Observer (Print Media) and AIESEC (a student leadership movement) which are additional platforms that the student entrepreneurs can utilise in order to gain maximum publicity for their businesses.

The university of Johannesburg has just over 50 000 registered students, with about 95 per cent of the students there being day students and the rest being post graduate students. The majority of students being between the ages of 18 and 24 and are black. The main campus has about 28 000 students and the rest of the students are split throughout all the other three campuses.