What we do

CREAM offers a range of services, helping you every step of the way of all aspects involving the new DTI BBBEE codes, with specific expertise on supplier development, preferential procurement and enterprise development.

CREAMalso delivers on CSR and social impact fields through socio-economic development that we deliver with our mobile entrepreneurship incubator, or we assist in creating customized programmed to fill your particular needs.

Business Mentorship

The road to greatness is one which is less traveled, which makes a journey more difficult. It can be clouded with a lot of uncertainty, this is usual a testing time for the entrepreneur. This is why CREAM offers one on one free mentorship sessions, as we believe that you should not travel this journey alone.

Boasting with highly skilled and experienced mentors that will offer you individual assistance from stage one right up until your dream becomes a reality.

So do not delay-apply now for our mentorship program as we have limited intake.

For information please email or whatsapp(0791472620


“ We in the business of investing on the jokey “

Cream prides itself with its tailor made financing solutions. Our applications for finance are assessed on the viability of a business, which comprises two important elements:

the business
the entrepreneur
The business evaluation includes matters such as the product or service and its market acceptability, market size, its ability to be scalable , the business’s history, the stage of its development and medium- to long-term profit potential, technical aspects and the location of the business.

In evaluating the entrepreneur, we look at aspects such as the entrepreneur’s ability to run a successful business on sound business acumen, integrity, drive, vision and appropriate experience.

Company Registration

From as little as R550 now you too can be become the CEO,Co- founder, Director of your company. That is how little you should pay to register a company, and it shouldn’t take a month it should take 14 working days. If it takes more than that, then we will give 5% discount for everyday late. That’s our promise to you.

We also offer additional services such as:

PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration
VAT Registration
PAYE Registration
Co-Operative Registration
Tax Clearance application (tender/good standing)
Tax Clearance application (foreign investment)
Amendment of company documents
Please note that Terms and Conditions don’t apply.

For more info please email company or contact us on 0791472620(whatsapp only)

Business Consulting

Brainstorming your small business idea
Learning how to start a business
Discussing techniques to grow your business
Business planning techniques
Increasing productivity and efficiency
Preparing your company for financing and fundraising
Creating solid pitches and presentations
Feedback of your business and improvement techniques
Sales and marketing strategies that will help you increase your bottom line